"The Big Pink Pearl"

In 1990 a diver, Wesley Rankin discovered a big pink pearl at Salt Point State Park in Petaluma, California by diver Wesley Rankin in 1990. Little did Ranking know that the pearl would hold the title as 'Largest Abalone Pearl' in the world in the Guinness Book of World Records. The big Pink Pearl weighs a total of 470 carats.
While the exact origin of the 'Big Pink' abalone pearl is unknown, scientists believe the pearl is a product of either the Red Abalone speciesĀ  or the Pink Abalone species. These oysters are most frequently found in California, New Zealand and Australia. Abalone oysters produce some of the most beautiful pearls, exceptional in color, brilliance, luster and coated with thick nacreous layers.
The big Pink Pearl shines a beautiful pink with hues of lavender, green and blue. In 1991, The big Pink Pearl was valued at $4.7 Million USD and despite numerous attempts offers to buy it, it currently remains in Rankins possession.