"The Most Perfect Pearl In history"

Scotland is home to the most exceptional pearl population. Historians believe that one of the four reasons Julius Ceasar, the Roman emperor wanted to invade Brittain was to gain control of the Pearl trade so that he could spoil his lover Cleopatra with endless amounts of pearl. 
One of the famous pearls from Scotland is the The Abernathy pearl. Also known as 'little Willie' was found in 1967 by fisherman, William Abernathy. It was found in the River Tay of Scotland. It is believed that the Abernathy pearl is the most perfect pearl to be discovered not only in Scotland by the whole world. The pearl is so perfectly round it's hard to believe it's a fresh water pearl as they usually take a baroque shape.
The glowing pink and white lustre is described as "It was like you could look into it not just at" and it currently displayed for public view at Cairncross Jewellery store in Perth, Scotland. 

 Photo: Abernathy Pearl in Case at the Caincross Jewellery Store, Perth, Scotland by Kari Anderson