"Perlas ng Puerto"

Pearl of Puerto, also known as the Pearl of Puerto Princessa , is the largest known natural pearl in the world. It was found in the Philippines by a Filipino fisherman. It measures 2.2 feet (67 cm) long, 1 foot (30 cm) wide and weighs 34 kilograms (75 lb).
 The pearl was found by accient by Cuyunon fishermen when they tried to pull the anchor of their shop from a seabed because of an upcoming storm. The anchor was stuck and in order to pull the anchor out, one of the fishermen needed to dive into the water to free the anchor. When diving, he then found a giant clam which he thought of cooking until he discovered a giant pearl. The fisherman hid the pearl for 10 years as a token of good luck by rubbing the pearl before going out to fish. He believed that by rubbing the pearl, it would give him a lot of fish to catch.
The fisherman was moving and decided to give the pearl to a tourism offer in Puerto Princesa for safe keeping. The pearl is displayed at the Puerto Princesa where it remains to this day. 
The pearl is approximately 2 feet long and close to 34 kgs valued at $100 million USD.