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Ciao Bella!

My name is Teresa, and I am the owner of John and Luna. John and Luna started from a simple conversation in the Winter of 2016 in Sydney, Australia. It all stemmed from an idea on the way home from a family gathering in my mums car. We reminisced on the memories my dad created throughout his amazing and full life. Giovanni Bisazza, my dad, a sweet Italian man from Lipari, Sicily is the John to my Luna. 

John was strong and hard working and despite the constant rush of life, he managed to always see the good in situations and people. He encouraged me to always be myself and to never back down. He reminded me to always have faith even though sometimes, it may difficult. He was the light of my life, he could light up the room with his wit, personality and humour.   

It was from this belief that I started John and Luna. I wanted to be reminded of the strength that my father encompassed in his life through beautiful pieces of jewellery that I can wear everyday. I wanted to create little pieces of light that will brighten up the darkest of rooms just like he did. 

John and Luna jewellery is inspired by dark tones, handmade with high quality mixed, recycled metals and a variety of stones, beads, chains and wires. I love to create beautiful pieces of jewellery that compliment your personality, jewellery that will stand out in a room full of noise.  John and Luna is made up of Beautiful, Simple and Versatile pieces, pieces of light you can throw on with a simple white top or an extravagant dress. 

Here at John and Luna we believe that finding the perfect piece of jewellery should never be confusing, the perfect piece should just simply, speak to you.

Simple. Versatile and Beautiful.   

So, take a look around, make yourself at home!

Mi Casa, Su Casa, With love to La Luna and Back,​

T xx