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Meet the Designer

“Teresa Bisazza started her jewellery business John and Luna as a form of therapy to keep her dad's memory alive. Her jewellery features fresh water pearls and has been worn by the golden girl of Australian jewellery design, Samantha Wills.”

- Oak Magazine

Teresa was born in Sydney NSW and grew up on a vegetable and flower farm located in the small town of Arcadia. Her father a farmer and mother a florist, it was from them that she learned the meaning of hard work and has since had a strong work ethic.

When Teresa launched John and Luna, she was working full time as a paralegal then moved onto shift work in emergency services. Recently, In November 2020, Teresa resigned from her full time job to run her business full time. 

“So there I was, standing at a cross roads, faced with the one of the biggest decisions in my life, it was looking at me right in the face almost knocking me over and I had to choose, stability or my dream?”

Since running her business full-time, John and Luna has been featured in various magazines such as Vogue Australia, Harpers Bazaar, Tatler, Elle and Oak Magazine

John and Luna was named as “Beloved jewellery that spark joy but that also feel sentimental and special to treasure forever” by Vogue Australia

Teresa believes jewellery goes beyond its beauty, that there’s a story tucked inside every piece of jewellery.

Jewellery can spark confidence and deep conversations. ⁣Jewellery can be handed down from generation to generation and could mean more than just something dangling from someone’s ear, more than something clipped around someones neck. There is always a story. Always.⁣”

Teresa has been hand crafting Pearl jewellery since John and Luna's launch in 2016. It all started from a double strand Princess style pearl Necklace her father gave to her mother as his first gift to her over 30 years ago.

“Every time I look at the pearl jewellery my daughter creates, it reminds me of her father. He loved pearls and searched for them where ever he went, it was then I realised, my husbands love for pearls was passed down to her, I am so incredibly proud." - Maria Bisazza, Teresa's mother.

Teresa handcrafts her jewellery in her home studio located in the Hills District of Sydney, NSW and has a passion in telling a story with each piece she designs.

"The perfect piece of jewellery should never be confusing, it should simply, speak to you'

“It is my dream to not only make beautiful jewellery but to honour the history of pearls, handed down from generation to generation through story telling. Pearls are the most beautiful way to tell your story”

John and Luna - more than jewellery, it's a story. 
What's yours?