Commitment to Transparency

At John and Luna we pride ourselves on the transparency around the origin of our jewellery and how we make our jewellery. Each an every pearl that crosses T’s desk are individually graded by using the A-AAA grading system, the most used system in the Pearl industry when grading Freshwater pearls.

We create our jewellery with high quality AAA fresh water pearls sourced from our amazing Pearl houses in China & The Phillipines. 

All pieces of jewellery is designed and made in T’s home town of Castle Hill, located in the Hills District of Sydney. Not only is T the lead designer and maker she is also a Pearl Specialist receiving her certificate from the International Gem Society. 

One of the important pillars of JOHN AND LUNA is transparency. We are an book so that you can access all the information you may need when looking into investing in pearl jewellery. 

A Passionate Designer

John and Luna was created by a jewellery lover and storyteller back in 2016,  Teresa set out to make a mark in the jewellery industry by focusing on stories behind jewellery.  As a story teller herself, the foundation of JL is based on stories that the wearer creates which takes jewellery from a physical piece into an etherial memory vault. 

She makes all the jewellery herself and learnt the art of making from the age of 4, sifting through her mothers jewellery box as she “borrowed” them to make them into something new. 

T's passion to tell stories through jewellery has become a core value at JL, going beyond the physical beauty and entering into an etherial realm where all your special moments are celebrated. 



Teresa is a first generation immigrant, her mother from The Phillipines and Father from Italy. At home, she had the best of both worlds as she grew up with rich culture from both her parents.

While growing up, T and her sisters felt a lack of representation in the media, magazines as well as shopping centre advertisements. T’s goal is to make sure that others don’t feel alienated or excluded from the conversation and strives to make sure that everyone is included. 

It is vital to understand our community and acknowledge that diversity extends beyond race alone - we are committed to a safe and inclusive environment for all ages, sizes and genders. 


Here at JL we believe in making the world a better place. We are committed to limit our impact on the earth by using recyclable and re usable packaging. We currently have a recycle program where you can return your wooden swing tags & pouches so that they can be cleaned a re used. 

We are also planning on more ways to minimise our carbon footprint and appreciate any feedback you may have so that we can strive towards a much more sustainable future. 


Is JL Nickel Free?

We understand that jewellery can irritate and cause a reactions to skin. Here at JL we strive to create jewellery that is fit for everyone by sourcing high quality materials. 

We create jewellery to last from generation to generation and we do so by sourcing 925 Sterling Silver & 14k Gold Filled materials suitable for all skin types and is 100% nickel free.