John and Luna as seen in Vouge Australia

In 2012 I went to @vogueaustralia fashion night out. I specifically went for @_mimco. The beauty in their accessories sparked something in me that I can’t explain.
MIMCO had their yearly treasure hunt where they would post a partial photo of a bag on facebook and the first person to find it in one of their Sydney city stores wins it.
I remember being so excited, determined to find it, impatiently waiting by my phone as I refresh their Facebook page every 2 seconds.
Some didn’t think I would win, considering that there were thousands who attended the event, they thought I that it would be impossible to find, a part of me almost believed them- I refreshed the page and there it was a piece of a puzzle I was determined to put together.
I ran to their closest store, I searched up and down and behind a couple of black pouches there was a golden sparkle - I found it. It was staring at me in all its bright orange beauty right in the face. It was mine all I had to do was reach out and take it.
After all these years, I realised I found more than a bag, that night I found out that despite the odds, when you are determined to reach a goal, when you push through all the negativity from others, and persevere through obstacles, your dreams a ready, they are hidden in plain sight waiting for you to realise.
— All you have to do is reach out and take it.
Recently an opportunity arose and I took it. I’m so excited  that JOHN AND LUNA is participating in this years Vogue Online Shopping Night. This year I won’t be looking for treasure, this year JL will be standing alongside the greatest fashion businesses Australia has to offer.
With all my love and a life full of treasure,
T xx
Pictured here is 20 year old me, @_mimco bag in hand