FOLKLORE - Coming Soon

Folklore —

The story of the Pearl Necklace;

Recently my mum told me that John and Luna jewellery reminds her of my dad. She told me that my father had an immense love for pearls. So much so, that he would search everywhere he went just to find them. My fathers first gift to my mother when he was courting her over 30 years ago, was a beautiful 2 strand pearl necklace. — all of which I was unaware of.

That story couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I was having an internal battle with John and Luna’s creative direction. Since I started John and Luna, I experimented with different jewellery styles, trying to find my niche in the industry and although the jewellery I made was beautiful, it just didn’t feel... right. Pearls always stood out to me and I didn’t know why — Until now.

As I was listening to mums story, I was slowly coming to the realisation of why I adored Pearls so much. Why I felt such a significant pull to these one of a kind gems. It was that moment I decided that John and Luna will be specialising in Pearl jewellery.

The history of pearls is in my blood. Unknowingly, the love for pearls was passed down to me by my father. Pearl stories flow through my veins like a full circle, just like the necklace he gave my mum.

Not only did my parents story inspire me, your stories also played a big part. Your messages filled with your own pearl stories of jewels being passed down from generations, inspired me to look further into the history of the gems of the sea.

This is Folklore — a collection of pearl jewellery honouring the stories passed down from generation to generation.

Coming soon.

With love, T xx