The Pearl Veil

Your official Invitation to the Pearl Veil -

When I was 4 years old, mum bought me a fairytale book. It was a beautiful bright red book that was so heavy and I loved it. You could say this was my very first experience with storytelling. The beautiful illustrations bound together with fairytales took me inside a magical world I had never experienced before.

28 years later, I still have it — every time I moved, it was the first thing I packed. It is very well loved, kept together with sticky tape and glue. Over the years, I would collect photos, poems & flowers and store them within the pages. It was almost like a ritual for me, to store special moments inside my favourite book in the world.

I have always danced with the notion of magic, I mean what kid didn’t? Whether it was on TV or through reading - the way it sent me to dream world lit up my imagination more than anything before! And I wanted to share this beautiful experience with you.

Like all JL collections, I have kept a physical diary noting down all my ideas, designs and thoughts on its concept.

Coven was no exception — but this time I wanted to share the pages of my diary with you. It will be on a virtual platform that will forever sit on our website called the Pearl Veil.

The Pearl Veil is a place where you can explore the magic of JL, to read the true story of my small jewellery business and the darkness that fuels the magic you see on the surface.

A place where you can go to spark your creative ideas and find familiarity and community.

Disclaimer: I am no writer and there may also be a spelling mistake or 100 of them - So I apologise in advance if your eye twitches!

I hope you love the Pearl Veil as much as I loved piecing it all together!

It’s time to dust off your brooms and put your hat on, we’re piercing the JL veil witches!

View The Pearl Veil here

With all my love — Your friend, T xx

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