The Pearl Necklace

It was the 80’s when a small town man from the farmlands of Italy met a city woman from the Phillipines.

He was smitten, he lived in Australia at the time and would fly to the Philippines every month just to visit her. He would never visit her empty handed, he would take cakes, rolls of cheese, olive oil, cherries, among other crazy things.

Within those crazy things, he gifted her a double strand princess pearl necklace, she wore them to special occasions and styled them with with extravagant dresses.

Their relationship was mostly long distance and she didn’t have a phone. She told the local store that she will be getting calls from Australia and asked the owners if she could use their phone and would pay them 5 pesos per call, they agreed. Everytime he would call her, the owners of the store would run 1km to her house ‘Ascun, there’s a phone call from Australia’ and in excitement she would run straight to the phone.

After a year of the most magical whirlwind romance, he asked her to marry him and the rest is history.

Mum said JL jewellery reminds her of my dad, he loved pearls, so much so that wherever he would go he would look for them. I didn’t know this until a year ago, but it explains why I have always been called to make pearl jewellery.

The story of the necklace is what inspired Folklore. Folklore was released with the intention of showing the world that JL will be specialising in pearl jewellery.

I designed a pearl necklace called ‘Mary’ I named it after mum, it was the nickname dad had for her, he was the only one who called her that. The necklace was inspired by the one my dad gifted to her so many years ago, Mary quickly became the key piece to the magic of folklore.

The photo above is from my wedding day. I gave mum the very first Mary necklace I ever made and put it on her. It was a very emotional moment, from the whirlwind romance that started in 1985 to a full circle in 2021.

The stories hidden in jewellery are deeper than what meets the eye and for some it brings memories of a time we wish we could re live and will never forget.

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