Texts between mum and I

Mum: Hello my daughter, can you make me those earrings? I want to wear them to your wedding, You know the one with the Pearl?
Me: Haha, the one with the Pearl?
Mum: yes, The one with the Pearl
Me: ok… that narrows it down.. 😂
Mum: You know the ones that dangle with the Pearl!?
Me: Dangle? Maybe Elara?
Mum: YES! See the one that has a pearl

😂😂😂 — I considered changing the name of Elara to ‘The one that has a Pearl’ in honour of mum but that might cause a lot of confusion…

Seeing my mum wear the earrings I made brings me so much joy, how beautiful does she look with her ELARA earrings?

Do you have any funny texts between you and your mum? Let me know ⬇️

With love, T xx

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