Starry, Starry Night

When I designed these earrings I was inspired by Don Mclean's 'Vincent'. I remember having to sing this song every Thursday at school, it was our allocated 'Sing along' day - you know when the teacher rolls outs the projector and points at what line to sing? - Those were the days!

I listened to the song a million times and I never thought much of it but this time I was listening to it as an adult - as someone who has lived in a deep darkness. All of a sudden, I understood every word and realised we can all relate to Van Gogh’s story.

Van Gogh was living at Saint-Paul asylum in Saint-Rémy in southern France as he battled with depression. This was when he painted “Starry Night”

Van Gogh painted the view outside his window to seek respite from his crippling depression. He painted the most beautiful sky with blue and yellow swirls in a starry landscape. He painted something so beautiful out of the darkness that lived inside of him. - Something we can all relate to.

This made me think of how JL started.

Within a year 3 members in my family passed away. I didn't have the time to mourn each family member on their own, rather I was trying mourn all three at the same time. My mental state deteriorated more and more as I tried to process all the emotions that come with grief. 

Darkness consumed me and I felt like the old me was gone. How do you fathom the concept of death when time did not allow it? My window was jewellery, creating beautiful pieces of light was my way to escape. Something I could turn to when the real world got too much.

“Starry Night” is made from beautiful large baroque pearls with Emerald Swarovski crystals I drilled in by hand.

Versatility was key in this collection — The baroque pearls are fitted with an “O” ring and can easily be removed to place on a necklace chain. You can also wear the pearl studs on their own.

I truly hope you love our “Starry Night” earrings and that they can be a window you turn to whenever you need to see a beautiful starry night.

What do you think of the emerald addition to to JL?

With all my love, T xx

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