It's been a while since Folklore

It’s been a while since FOLKLORE —

When designing folklore, the collection was meant to be called a different name. It wasn’t until a few hours before I announced the new collection — I changed it. Folklore was designed at the same time I made the decision that JL would specialise in Pearl jewellery. I thought of it as a start to a trilogy representing our new beginning and the collections that followed would be the second and third book in the story I want to tell.

The reason I chose FOLKLORE is because the original name didn’t reflect the new direction JL was taking, it represented something personally deeper and I just knew the name belonged to a different collection. Folklore is about stories being passed on from generation to generation, which to me, is the epitome of pearls. The collection was all about making our stance in the pearl industry by telling famous historic pearl stories through our designs and ‘FOLKLORE’ just fit in so perfectly with the concept.

Now you are probably wondering what the next collection will be or if I have started designing it, and the truth is, I started designing it before Folklore was released.

The trilogy that started with folklore will soon flow into the next book. A collection that solidifies our brand, our story.

Collections always take me months to create as I work on creating the concept, cementing the storyline, lining up my vision through videos and photography, creating jewellery that is ethically and sustainably sourced all while ensuring the jewellery I make & design lasts a life time and then some.

I have been working tireleslly to bring the next story to life, I started JL when I was 24 and since then I have grown so much as a person and JL has grown alongside me.

The next collection is almost like my personal memoir, a founders journey told through jewellery. Mixed in with all the shiny, beautiful lights and highlight reels, there’s a darkness that created it, a darkness I faced and still face in the hunt for the bright lights. — I cannot wait to share it with you, to ‘hand over the pages’ so to speak.

Do you have any guesses what the next collection is called?

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