Grading Pearls

Did you know that like Diamonds, Pearls are also graded?

There are many systems in which pearls are graded, there is no industry standard grading system which leads to confusion all over the world. It is however up to the business and seller of pearls to determine the quality of each and every pearl that comes their way.

Here at JL we use the A-AAA grading system, the most used system in the Pearl industry when grading Freshwater pearls.

In this system there are 4 main grading categories when it comes to freshwater pearls:


Pearls are graded by:

•Nacre Quality
•Surface Quality
•Colour/Overtone Strength

TIP: In the A-AAA grading system, the more A’s, the higher the quality.

Our pearls are made with AA+ & AAA quality fresh water pearls which means that 90-95% of our freshwater pearls have blemish Free Surfaces. This also means that our pearls a very highly detailed with a beautiful thick lustre that will last for generations.

I grade every single pearl before it leaves our studio to ensure you receive the highest quality of pearls possible. Not only do I grade the pearls individually, I also check the quality again in the hand making process as I do a lot of pearl matching. Pearl matching can also change the grade of a specific piece of pearl jewellery — the more the pearls match = the higher the grade of the overall piece!

This can be a very tedious process as thousands of pearls cross my desk every month, however quality is very important to us and we know quality is important to you!

Did you know that your JL pearls go through this process before they arrive at your door?

With love, T xx

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