All That Glitters Is Not Gold

You may have seen a change in JL —

For 6yrs JL & I have held hands through the highlights and lowlights, we’ve high-fived and cried as we faced obstacles.

JL has seen me call my mum in excitement as we hit milestones & has seen me inconsolable on my bathroom floor.

JL was originally branded with a ‘boho’ aesthetic that saw extravagant and colourful statement earrings and slowly morphed into an ethereal & cinematic realm as we transitioned into specialising in pearl jewellery.

As I reach my 6th year in business, I realised the reason I created such bright imagery on socials was because my reality was not all that beautiful. I created this world because my reality saw me plunge into the deep waters of depression and JL was my escape.

It was from darkness I started JL; pearls resembling little glimmers of light. As much as I tried to box up my alter self, I realised the duality of light and dark coexist in order for us to survive, in order to heal.

Earlier this year, I started feeling a creative block from the pressures of pursuing my dream. The finances, isolation, lack of social interaction and sleep — this plunged me further into rue.

I questioned whether JL would survive the year. The increase of expenses and fees becoming a burden, and unaffordable.

As I begun to pick pieces of myself off the floor I saw a clear vision of JL, I knew I had to make a change to reflect the human behind the brand.

As we transition into the new era of JL you will see a change in our socials & website; darker tones & bolder font which represent the coexistence of light and dark.

JL will always remain an ethereal and cinematic account of stories told through pieces of jewellery. But we will also showcase the darkness that lives inside of all of us. The darkness that is responsible for the sparkly glitter that is scattered in our socials.

Over the next few weeks I will take you through JL’s foundation, inspiration, our muse and introduce you to Ryan — our JL avatar.

I look forward to opening the doors to a new era of JL — until then, I hope these words find you well and that you find a sense of comfort in knowing “all that glitters is not gold”.

With love, T xx

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