This Collection Is For You

To the JL community - This collection is for you.

When I released Folklore, it meant to be called something else. It wasn’t until a few hours before I announced the name — I changed it. Folklore was designed at the time I made the decision that JL would specialise in Pearl jewellery. So I thought what a beautiful way to honour this new beginning by releasing a collection inspired by historical pearl stories passed through the generations — ‘Folklore’ fit beautifully.

This now leads me to tell you the darkest story I’ve ever told.

Recently I spoke about the darkness that lives underneath all the beauty you see at JL. My story started with inconsolable grief & I created a beautiful ethereal world as a form of therapy. Through this journey I have faced a darkness so deep that I didn’t know if I would ever recover. My mental and physical state took a toll on me this year, to the point where I romanticised closing down JL.

The creation of this collection has seen me through a mental relapse, recovery and resurgence. A very real and raw part of my world I kept hidden from socials, family and friends. Something in me said it was time to unveil the darkness and create the most beautiful collection anyone has ever seen at JL.

This collection will take you through a mix of familiar emotions; anger, pain, happiness, and solace. Emotions you have felt and shared with me when I shared my own, reassuring me that you can relate. We are united through the evolving crystallisation of our mental state as living and breathing humans.

I have found comfort in your kindness and strength to tell me your story, because of this, the pearl veil has started to open. For the first time, I feel safe in showing this side of me and it’s all because of you. It’s time to rip the veil wide open, to show you the turmoil underneath the beauty. Allowing it to rise to the surface and hold hands with the bright & shiny lights that is scattered all over our newsfeed.

I am so excited to formally welcome you to the COVEN - to OUR Coven.


With love, your friend T xx