The JL Signet Ring

Over the years of JL, one of my goals was to create rings. I knew the design but I never had the skills to make it. So with the encouragement of an inspirational friend of mine, I was introduced to production company who was able to bring my vision to life.

At first I was terrified - I started JL on my bedroom floor, beading at all hours of the night - I never thought of having my jewellery made elsewhere. But I knew if I wanted this ring to be made, I had to ask for help.

I had FULL creative control over the entire process, from the design to the measurements, from choosing the material to perfecting the JL engraving.

I love old jewellery, particularly signet rings — something about it is so captivating, I daydream about where it was made and what it meant to the person who wore it before me.

Signet rings remind me of home and I always feel a sense of comfort and strength every time I wear mine. My dad always wore them and he had quite the collection until he started losing them in the farm!

Signet rings come in all shapes, sizes & metals — historically the rings had the wearers family emblem carved into it and used to seal wax on letters or sign legal documents. From Pharaohs to storytellers - signet rings were worn by an assortment of people that all have a common tie - their family heritage.

With its antique design and its homage to family heritage, I knew signet rings would be the perfect piece of jewellery that represented the foundations of JL.

"JOHN" is made out of sterling silver and Gold vermeil and showcases a tiny freshwater pearl in the centre of what jewellers call 'The North Star". JOHN comes in sizes 48 - 64 and can be worn on any finger. I wear it either on my pointer finger or pinky!

The best thing about this ring is the mix of the masculine and the feminine, with its bold design and delicate pearl — it and can be worn by everyone. No matter who you are, it is made for YOU.

I hope when you wear it that it feels like home. A ring you can pass down to generations after you who will one day dream of the stories behind it.