"Starry, starry night, Paint your palette blue and grey. Look out on a summer's day, With eyes that know the darkness in my soul. Shadows on the hills, Sketch the trees and the daffodils. Catch the breeze and the winter chills, In colours on the snowy linen land".

When I designed these earrings I was listening to Don Mclean's 'Vincent'. Chris and I were driving down from Avoca and as the song came on, we both sung along. I remember having to sing this song every Thursday at school, it was our allocated 'Sing along' day - you know when the teacher rolls outs the projector and points at what line to sing? - That's what I'm talking about. 

I realised as we heard it in the car just how sad it was, I never realised it before. Vincent Van Gogh was known for many things, the story of cutting his own ear to give to his lover, being sent to a sanitarium with declining mental health, the desperate plea for his artwork to be acknowledged and heard. What really struck out to me is the beauty he managed to create from the darkness that lived inside his head. 

In some ways I feel like I can relate to him, John and Luna was born as a result of over bearing grief. I was in such a dark place as within a year 3 members in my family passed away including my dad. I didn't really have the time to mourn each family member on their own, rather I was trying mourn all three at the same time. My mental state deteriorated more and more as I tried to process all the emotions that come hand in hand with grief. 

Darkness had taken over my mind and I wasn't able to function, how do you fathom the concept of death when time did not allow it? When my father died, it was the last straw and I needed to escape, that was when and how John and Luna was born.

I wanted to create earrings that showcase the beauty made from the darkness, just like Van Gogh did with his famous painting of 'Starry Night'. The beautiful baroque pearl with Emerald crystals drilled inside was the perfect contrast of the co existence of darkness and light. 

Now I know what you are thinking "Why aren't they blue or yellow?" - Because I wanted to use a colour that was a mix of the main colours - Blue + Yellow = Green. 

What's also something I considered when designing most of the pieces in this collection was versatility. Investing in jewellery can be an expensive thing but if you can wear them more than one way, you are basically investing in 2 pieces of jewellery! The large baroque pearl can be removed from the Pearl stud and can be worn on It's own. The Large baroque pearl is also fitted with an 'O' ring that can be used to slide onto an existing necklace. - The options are endless! 

I truly hope you love our STARRY NIGHT earrings, they are such a special piece and the most treasured one I have ever made.